Cyber Due Diligence: The New Normal


Cyber Due Diligence: The New Normal In all likelihood, cyber security capabilities will continue to lag behind both evolving digital technology and the accompanying evolution in exploitation tools and techniques. In addition, network defenders are required to stop every attack whilst hostile states, criminals and activists need only get lucky once. Technology is

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Cyber Security in the Supply Chain


Cyber Security in the Supply Chain: You're as Vulnerable as your Weakest Link It’s easy to look at the 2018 British Airways website hack and the resultant c5% fall in the IAG (BA’s parent company) share price, with a certain sense of detachment. It’s a strange phenomenon that this type of headline is

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Protect Everything, Harden What’s Critical


Protect Everything, Harden What's Critical When prioritising cyber security objectives, it’s tempting to identify what you deem to be business-critical and focus your investment of resources in this area.  Whilst taking this approach will no doubt improve your resilience, there is a danger of overlooking other key components of your operations.  As well

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Understanding Cyber risk


Cyber Risk: For Smart People Who Haven’t Studied Computer Science The torrent of jargon that I.T. people use can be overwhelming. We know because we've experienced first hand, the glazed eye “get me out of this conversation now” look on the faces of non-technical staff across the strata of organisations. This isn’t another

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Cyber Security Planning in Private Equity


Cyber Security Planning in Private Equity – A Few Points to Consider A full understanding of cyber resilience and an integrated cyber strategy is fast becoming a necessity within a private equity portfolio management approach, rather than a nice-to-have option. An organisation’s equity is so often and so inextricably linked to its data

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Waving the Red Flag for Cyber Security


Waving the Red Flag for Cyber Security Stephanie Stone said it best in Forbes magazine when she declared “Every company is a technology company” (Forbes 2017). As technology now underpins every organisation, every organisation is now vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Taking this statement as a fact in this digital age, then during M&A

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