ABOUT: Innovative & expeditionary by nature.

ABOUT: Innovative & expeditionary by nature.

ABOUT: Innovative & expeditionary by nature.

Humanity has evolved from cave-dwelling, wild hunting and fighting savage neighbouring tribes.

Today, we live in a world with infinite opportunities to thrive; the world is at our fingertips.  However, throughout evolution one thing remains a constant; threat and attack.

And it’s no longer local, it’s global.  Protecting territory and freedom has never been more important.

Only the strongest and smartest tribes survive and thrive.


CYSIAM was founded by three individuals, combining over 70 years’ experience operating in critical defence and national security environments, both in the UK and overseas.

Steve Lancaster
Steve Lancaster
Steve has worked for both secure government and defence industry clients in consultancy and leadership roles for all of his career. He also gained five years of private equity experience prior to founding CYSIAM as Managing Director of an ambitious and successful ‘buy and build’ venture acquired by the RINA Group in 2017.
David Allan
David Allan
Prior to founding CYSIAM, Dave was employed by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) following a military career in special communications. Dave is a globally-recognised expert in cyber capacity building and has received the Prince of Wales award for his work in this area.
James Kench
James Kench
James has spent his career developing supply chains and delivering impactful and critical programmes all over the world from the UK to the Middle East, Iran to NE Africa. Working in both public and private sector, his real passion is in helping the most vulnerable and excluded people on the planet.



We are the elite in cyber intelligence. We are and will remain in our own class.


We venture to every horizon in order to keep our clients safe.


We are reliable, principled and discreet at all times.


Alert, ready and protective, we don’t miss a beat.


As threats evolve, we stay instinctive, solution-orientated and sure.



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